Custom Automation & Robotics

Robots grinding edge chamfers on both sides of automotive mirrors and placing them on cleaning conveyor.

Automotive mirrors coming out of cleaning system, being picked up by the vision guided robot with custom end effector and being placed into laser marking fixtures. After marking, robot picks up parts, orients them and places them on vision inspection conveyor.

Custom designed Laser Micrometer system for QC lab inspection of large scale truck engine piston wrist pins. Programmable for for different size OD's and lengths. Collected data is communicated to a spreadsheet for comparison to product specifications then stored on network.


Custom Robot End Effector Design
Adjustable to pick up varible sizes and shapes of mirrors. Also pictured, Custom designed LED back-lit conveyors for robot vision guidance system.


Cosmetic Mirror Edge Chamfering
Custom designed and built by IES, These 3 machines replaced approx 50 full-time workers sitting
at vertical belt sanders for 8 hours /day, edge grinding small ladies cosmetic compact mirrors by hand.